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Our Vision, Your Leadership

SEED Advisory is a network of business partners and experienced consultants who advise and implement unique solutions. Our leadership spans globally, whether you are in the US, UK, Europe or Asia Pacific. Leadership means you access the best experience, expertise, talents and knowledge wherever your project takes place.


Together with you, we embark in a journey driven by leadership. We drive your company towards success by building distinctive strategic capabilities. That journey will lead you towards leadership within your sector, ecosystem, value chain.


Asia Pacific Coverage

SEED Advisory Services Mainland of China
Globalisation Services - Client Briefing in Zhuhai Aviation Maintenance Service Centre

Seed Advisory Asia Pacific team is partly based in Hong Kong and partly based in our different operating countries. Our APAC team is a highly diversified pool of Associates and Advisors in terms of roles and sectors expertise. We encourage a strong multi-disciplinary mindset to create original thinking and cross-fertilising ideas for us and for our Clients. We systematically assign a Project Director that has language fit with our Client. Our APAC team, while reporting to the Hong Kong Headquarter is conducting assignments in the following countries, mainly to follow our client's strategic moves from USA/UK/Europe to APAC and reversely to follow clients from APAC to USA/UK.Europe. In North East Asia: The Mainland of China, Taiwan Region, Japan, South Korea. In South East Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand.


SEED Advisory - Go-to-Market Strategies
Round Table Consultation & Advisory - Parcel & Courrier Leader - Shenzhen