SEED at a glance

SEED stands for Strategic Excellence through Effective Decisions. We are convinced there is another way to provide consulting services in the 21st Century. Our model shifts from volume-driven consultancy to value-driven advisory.


In recent years, we have shaped our activity in response to important global trends - Environment, Social and Governance - and we have set SEED Advisory on a path to growth. Our unique technology-innovation-based business model is at the heart of our approach. Combined with our scientific and engineering know-how this gives us a clear competitive edge. 


Today, we have all the right elements in the right place. So, we are all set to create your success and are always looking for new ways to create enduring value for our clients.

What we need

Our activity is based on brain power and relationships we need to run an effective advisory business:


~Talented people with intellectual and emotional skills

~Experienced consultants in a wide array of industries, sectors and advisory practices

~Technical expertise to match specific clients needs

~Strategic alliances with advisory and interim management companies

What we do & how we do it

Based on our clients needs we set-up a project team combining the right skills needed to solve strategic & technological problems.


We do not create pyramidal consulting project. We enable the project team to deliver tangible data, advice, solutions, recommendations, products, processes and new concepts.


We create custom offers and deliver bespoke solutions. We do not copy-paste the same methodology from client A to client B

Customer journey

We accompany our clients along both the company life-cycle and the products-services life-cycle.


Our motto is to start, grow and transform. We start new businesses, new products. We grow companies to reach new objectives. We transform strategies and processes.


Your journey can start at the Board or Executive Committee level. Your journey can start at the factory level, at the laboratory level or at the whiteboard level.

The contribution we make

Our one-stop shopping for advisory services reduces setup costs and agency costs. 


Our convergent approach between people, processes, systems, and technologies reduces the cost of project overlap and waste of skilled people time resources.


Our R&D, engineering, concept and product development projects generate financial value for shareholders; it creates high-value employment in companies.


A growing majority of our clients aims to make a contribution to a sustainable world in industrial goods, healthcare, sustainable materials, clean technologies.