SEED Advisory Strategy Consulting Services

Corporate & Business Strategy

As Strategy Consultants we help you identify and develop the ingredients for sustained competitive advantage and improved financial performance. We provide you with the most advanced practice on how to formulate, implement and drive corporate and business strategies:

  • We help you to analyse you competitive environment, define your strategic purpose and goals, build your capabilities and create the right corporate culture.
  • We help you to make the right strategic choices at corporate and business level, to develop international strategies, to increase competitive advantage thanks to innovation and to evaluate your overall strategic performance.
  • We help you to put strategy into action by leveraging the right resources, organising people, processes and systems
  • We help you to initiate, lead and make strategic changes sustainable.

You benefit from our internal expertise on recent strategic methodologies such as value chain analysis, network and activity analysis, dynamic capabilities analysis, value-driven strategies and blue ocean strategy, proven to be fast techniques to deliver insight.

Strategy Implementation

"Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long term, which achieves advantage in a changing environment through its configuration of resources and competences with the aim of fulfilling stakeholder expectations'".


In implementing any new strategy, it’s imperative to define clearly what you are moving from and where you are moving to with respect to your company’s business model, organisation, and capabilities. Develop a detailed view of the shifts required to make the move, and ensure that processes, for which stakeholders must be accountable, are in place to effect the changes.


Many strategies fall short in implementation because of an absence of conviction in the organisation, particularly among the top team, where just one or two non-believers can strangle strategic change at birth. To move ahead with implementation, you need a process that challenges the status quo and allows managers to develop a new set of beliefs in line with the new situation.


The emergence of new trends is the norm. But many strategies place too much weight on the continuation of the status quo because they extrapolate from the past three to five years, a time frame too brief to capture the true market forces.


We analyse from the trends in the strategic environment for your company, to helping you identifying the appropriate competitive strategy, internal capabilities and the way to create your own strategic spaces.


Which particular product lines would be affected? What would be the precise effect on the bottom line? And how does that picture line up with today’s investment priorities? These are the type of management questions we answer.