SEED Advisory - Bespoke Market Research Reports

Market Research

We offer extended market research and market analysis service packages for companies starting the business and companies willing to quantify the value of adjacent or new markets. We provide specialised insight to investment firms and market study companies with respect to niche technology markets such as smart cities, the future of mobility and e-Health.


We offer custom market analysis service rather than "off-the-shelf" market research reports. Our reports are not generic reports published on a yearly basis but reports that are generated on specific request of our clients, with a direct connection between their need, their sector reality and their strategic business objectives.


Standard Market Reports

This comprehensive report covers various aspects of the market like:


  • Market Overview
  • Market Size, Share
  • Market Segmentation
  • Revenue & Regional Analysis
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Leading Market Players
  • Market Trends and Technologies

If you’re interested, please e-mail us grow[at] for sample PDF Brochure.


Our reports are available for a fixed price budget.


Bespoke Market Reports

We offer bespoke market research by establishing the list of market features you want us to analyse. We perform qualitative & quantitative market analysis:

  • What is driving demand for your products/services?
  • Who are your customers ? 
  • What specific needs do to they have?
  • What are you market segments ?
  • How good is your offer fulfilling your customers needs?
  • What customer experience do they expect ?
  • What behaviours can you expect from your customers?
  • How to position your offer?

We make recommendations on target market segments to focus:

  • We recommend a number of "x" Market segments
  • We recommend a number of "y" Geographies to look at
  • We draw conclusions on target market segments
  • We list the key requirements to operate a business in your segments

We plan the business flows required to operate in your market

  • Market entry requirements
  • Company set-up procedure
  • Required licences to run the company
  • Restrictions to sell - if any
  • Product Labelling and information requirements
  • Import / Export - Logistics business flows
  • Taxes and duties applicable in your business
  • Complete supply chain mapping

We analyse the pricing environment and make pricing recommendations:

  • Product cost breakdown calculation
  • Overheads cost calculation
  • Gross and net margin calculation
  • Target sales price per segment decision