Why work with us ?

SEED’s key strength is that it has no predefined methodology or framework when we start a customer engagement. Each advisory mission is conducted on an ad-hoc basis where the solution design and decisional framework is built together with the customer. Depending on internal or external requirements, SEED can adapt to the customer’s own methodology, project management and quality standards. 


The approach developed at SEED Advisory differentiates by immediately addressing the right management questions and focusing on pragmatic, no-nonsense topics. These questions will allow to properly understand our client expectations and ambitions:

  • Understanding the company’s strategic position
  • Making the right corporate and business choices and
  • Managing execution through processes

These will serve as the basis to build the right project structure and to start translating the strategic intents into workable solutions. The process of translating objectives into deliverable relies on a decision-support matrix model at the heart of our value proposition, delivering Strategic Excellence through Effective Decisions - SEED.

Global & local footprint

SEED Advisory was founded simultaneously in Europe (Belgium) and Asia (Hong Kong) to offer clients a strategic and business culture perspective between the two Regions. 


In a willingness to be truly global, the European hub centrally serves the local European markets with also an easy access to North and South America. From Hong Kong, it is geographically optimal to serve both Northeast and Southeast Asia. It is not only our physical presence in local markets that provide a customer-intimate service to our clients but also the experienced professionals who have a track record within a specific country, speaking the national languages and knowing how to conduct business in that country. That local footprint combines with our holistic and global approach in the way we share best practices and apply our frameworks.


A key differentiator of SEED is its ability to manage complex and large-scale projects on a remote basis using virtual teams and international project management techniques, when required by the client. 


At SEED Advisory we have developed a truly customer-intimate strategy where every advisory assignment is tailor-made from understanding yours needs, to quotation, delivery & follow-up. Based on this work philosophy we further translate our strategy in a set of simple, workable and "healthy" values. We like to describe our value as following:

  • Knowledgeable: relying on top practical & scientific input
  • Innovative: from Ideation to market - for company & product life-cycle
  • Custom: every client engagement is tailor-made
  • Truly cross-cultural: local profiles with international background
  • Multi-Disciplinary: cross-functional and cross-industry expertise
  • Fairly Priced: attractive pricing - lean cost structure
  • Transparent: applying direct feedback
  • Independent: no bundled offer


Our Pricing Policy

In terms of pricing value, SEED Advisory is proposing rates that are fairly priced compared to competition. We can offer this fair pricing thanks to our very lean and mean type of operations where fixed costs are minimised thanks to our decentralised, agile and responsive network of consultants.


We tailor-made advisory assignments aiming to go along with the client during the different company phases - start, grow, transform - and the product-service mix life-cycle. From a tailor-made project we calculate a tailor-made budget, based on the expected efforts.


The effort is determined in terms of consultants time to be dedicated to a project. Once we have foretasted the time we can either propose a time & material quotation or a fixed priced solution.


Our typical minimum engagement for an advisory project would be five man-days assignments with clear scope, defined deliverable and agreed planning; Training and coaching can be organised from half days.