SEED Advisory - Our Clients

Our Clients

SEED addresses the complete spectrum of functional & hierarchical roles within your company. Clients requests are typically triggered by one functional practice leader or from the business. Our services are segmented according to the key roles within your organisation that we have experience to work with and to advise over the years.


Understanding our clients is key to our Customer Intimate Strategy. Understanding our clients means that we also need to understand both the technical aspects and the soft skills aspects linked to a particular role within the organisation.


We make this possible thanks to our team of consultants who have been in those roles in the past. All of our consultants have taken functional, managerial and leadership role within the industry prior to become consultant. This is how we can differentiate from consulting-grown-only profiles that never worked in the field prior to become a consultant.

Consumer Goods, retail & Distribution, food & beverages

Biotechnology & nanotechnologies

banking & insurance

manufacturing, metals & Materials



Our Strategy

Our own strategy is based on the concept of Value Driven Strategies. Within this framework we position ourselves as being a Customer Intimate firm. Our customer intimacy strategy focuses on offering a unique range of services that allows for the personalised versions of service to meet differing customer needs. 


As staged above, the successful design of solutions requires SEED Advisory to possess deep customer knowledge as well as insights into their customers’ business processes.


Customer-centric companies like us have a decentralised organisation which allows us to learn and change quickly according to your evolving needs. We keep an entire ecosystem of partners for the actual delivery of services to our clients.