SEED Advisory - Our Consulting Team

Our consulting Team

SEED conducts advisory engagements with its clients in a one-to-one business relationship. Solutions design and translation of proposed solutions to the right management decisions will be executed by SEED’s managers & associates.


We provide our clients with the best-fitting industry experience and functional skills only, based on our team of international associates:

  • Significant experiences with major industry players
  • Familiarity with the board of directors, executive committee & senior management
  • Reliance on the application of state-of-the-art academic knowledge within business projects
  • Seniority of our team of associates  - senior manager & director levels
  • Dual presence Europe – Asia with “one face to the client”
  • SEED associates are consultants teaming up under the SEED banner in order to deliver the best expertise to the client.

Depending on project’s scale and scope we partner with recognized independent management consultants firms to deliver high quality standard solutions in a well time-framed horizon;


Management decisions will lead to implementation of solutions in terms of processes, organisation and systems. Implementation will be executed by SEED or its business partners - internal or external -  either proposed by SEED or by the customer. In any case the choice of the implementer is in the hand of the customer.


SEED can further coordinate the implementation phase and lead the change management process or transfer the responsibility to the customer’s organisation.


SEED project organisation is consequently very lean and leaves all flexibility to the customer in its choices and execution. This in turn translates to competitive pricing – no infrastructure or overhead costs – and outstanding quality results – by combining the best expertise's at each step of the project value chain.