SEED Advisory - Strategic & Operational Consulting Services

Strategic & Operational Marketing

We approach marketing from a strategic perspective first, prior to thinking about its execution - or operational marketing. Our customers rely on our expertise in identifying new products and business concepts, qualifying and quantifying market attractiveness through market analysis, customer segmentation, consumer behavior analysis, consumer decision journey patterns and field research. The below representation depicts the holistic approach we have when tackling marketing aspects.

SEED Concept Development

We build new products, design new concepts, brands, reinforce existing ones and re-invent loosing market-share concepts / brands through deep research and intensive modeling of business concepts, brand image, brand social image, brand identity, brand ownership model. We go beyond traditional marketing / branding agencies by mapping the way forward in how the customer will adopt the Concept or Brand from a cognitive and behavioral approach.


At operational level we mainly focus on defining the right pricing policy regarding your market, selecting the products to launch or to develop, identify the sales channels that match the product differentiating attributes and the targeted segments. Finally we design and implement end-to end on-line and off-line marketing communication.


Our team of international expert set the latest techniques at your disposal through pragmatic and hands-on marketing plans, immediately applicable in your market segment.


Every assignment receives a dedicated concept development team using advancec techniques and methodologies.