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Organisational Development (OD)

Organisational development - or OD - as a practice involves a systematic and continuous process of effective organisational changes. OD is both an applied science area that focuses on understanding and managing organisational change, as well as a scientific and research area. The scientific method is essential for the development and effectiveness of organisations - research, rigorous research on causes, experimental research on hypotheses and the evaluation of results.


Through observation, research and interviews, our organisational development consultants analyse your company's corporate culture, using the methods learned in the dynamics of organisations.


At SEED Advisory, we have experienced consultants with the ability to provide a deep level of experience in organisational management and a wealth of business and industry experiences. We will work with you to develop a framework for systematic organisational excellence to ensure that your organisation is resilient in all aspects of products, processes and people.

Organisational Design

SEED Advisory on Organizational Design

Roland Sullivan defined the Development of organisations such as: "the Development of organisations is a leap forward in transforming strategies and systems into a sought - after vision, taking into account local culture, authentic leadership style with the support of technology'.


Methods of supporting organisational change will be used, and effective coaching - based communication tools will be used in scenarios of "real world ":

  • Team building skills for employees and management
  • Inspiration & motivational management tools
  • Performance evaluation and employee recognition
  • Corporate culture development
  • Innovation in learning and development
  • Integrated innovation frameworks
  • Linking Culture, Competence and Connectivity

Our implementation programs typically introduce a long-range, cyclical, self-correcting mechanism to maintain and improve the efficiency of the organisation supported by practical and useful tools for self-analysis and self-renewal.