Environment, Sustainability & Governance Reporting


We provide one-stop-shopping advisory in Environment, Social & Governance - ESG - services with research, guidance, planning and implementation to build your competitive advantage. We tackle your most difficult challenges in ESG implementation. We draw on over a decade of research with dozens of businesses to identify the elements of sustainability that deliver competitive advantage and market success. Also, we introduce specific sustainability metrics framework based on common sense business terms. This approach allows companies and investors to readily assess the materiality of sustainability strategies to a company’s performance.


We apply a comprehensive framework:

  • Define the dimensions you want to monitor, manage and report: Different external standards exist such as the GRI G4. Although companies are best to identify which key dimensions follow the strategic objectives and the strategy maps.
  • Define the adequate metrics for each, set goals and objective: Select the right metrics that reflect a balanced overview of the company performance, goals and objectives.
  • Assess the overall life cycle impact of your consolidated activities: Consolidate all materially relevant operations (headquarter, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, warehouses) to reflect the impact of activities using life cycle analysis (LCA)