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Change Management Services

What is driving change?


"Visions & Strategies are not formulated by individuals who have learned only to deal with plans and budgets. Sufficient time and energy are never invested in communicating a new sense of direction to enough people”. “As a result, expensive acquisitions produce none of the hoped-for synergies, dramatic restructuring fail to get costs under control, huge re-engineering projects take too long and provide too little benefit, and bold new strategies are never implemented well”. 


[John P. Kotter – Leading Change in What Leaders Really Do, HBS Press, 1999]

The first step in understanding the change is to make sure you are choosing the adequate change strategy. As an example, engaging in a broad change management coaching while management challenges can be treated with classical problem solving techniques would be an overkill:

SEED Advisory - The Spectrum of Change Strategies
The Spectrum of Change Strategies: Problem Solving, Change Management, Complexity Management

Change Techniques

We apply the most adapted change management techniques and frameworks along the change management process and identifies the right components to be used to face management challenges:

SEED Advisory Change Management
The three levels and eight change management techniques

 We are highly specialized in change management projects and programs with mid-size and large organizations:

  • Change strategies & change model design and analysis
  • Change management process customization
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Coordination of projects, programs and portfolio within the change program
  • Managing business transformation through corporate culture transition
  • Stakeholder analysis and influencing
  • Change management training

Business Cases

Here are examples of change management business cases we have delivered:

  • Managing change after changes of ownership in a bank
  • Managing headquarters to branch relationships
  • Divisional change programmes related to major organizational changes in construction
  • Negotiating the change with the senior management team of a materials company
  • Coaching new change agents to adapt the leadership communication style
  • New organizational design for a business development unit
  • Virtual team organization & remote management in a global context
  • Team engagement & corporate culture analysis
  • New functions definition, coaching and grading for financial positions
  • Internal communication programs